Kudhva: A Cornish Adventure

May 13, 2018

Our little Cornish hideaway …                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Ever felt like you needed an escape from the hectic and stressful motions of day to day life? Or maybe you’re searching for your next adventure and want to try something a little different. Well Kudhva is most certainly the answer!


Now, what is Kudhva I hear you ask?

Quite simply put it is an escape from reality, focussing on getting back in touch with nature and living off the grid. Literally translated, Kudhva is Cornish for hideaway. It is a place where one can live simply, celebrate sustainability and detox from the digital world, that has all too well, overtaken our lives.

Find this 45 acre site near Tintagel, North Cornwall, in the remains of an abandoned quarry. Kudhva sits slightly inland, overlooking the sea and rugged Cornish landscape really cementing a tranquil feel and definite escape from city life.

Find yourself waking to the sounds of the ocean waves, native wildlife with not a peep of city noise. Remind yourself of the simple pleasures in life; wake for sunrise, get back in touch with nature and enjoy the company of friends around a campfire, with s’mores of course.


Getting Here:

The best way of getting yourself to Kudhva is with a car. If you're reliant on public transport, you'll spend half your time travelling here with a combination of trains, buses and taxis most likely. Journey time from London sits at four and a half hours.



Sanding Road

Trebarwith Strand, Tintagel

Cornwall, PL34 0HH


The site offers two types of accommodation: Kudhvas and Tree Tents



The kudhvas are modern architectural hideouts designed to generate a sense of calm from its structure alone. Standing above the ground, supported by wooden legs, these shelters feature a large terrace, built in sofa, mezzanine bed and floor to ceiling windows. Fresh linen and towels are provided, so you don’t even have to worry about packing a sleeping bag.

You can find four kudhvas throughout the site, minimum stay two nights at £122/night. Visit Kudhva to book.

Tree Tents

Fancy sleeping amongst the trees or beside a waterfall? This is the option for you. A real escape from city life, spend your visit sleeping wild, well and truly getting in touch with nature. The tents will be pitched prior to your arrival, but make sure you bring your sleeping essentials as no linen or towels are provided.


Tip: Pack warm, seriously even in the summer, and we were there in the summer, the temperature plummets at night and you will be cold! Sleeping bag essential, fleece jumper, neck pillow, beanie and warm woollen socks highly recommended. Also, if you have space bring a blanket/towel or roll mattress to put underneath your sleeping bag. Trust me you will need this, we didn’t have anything on night one and were absolutely freezing, but night two, we had a blanket underneath and I slept like a baby!


Find six tree tents across the site, minimum stay two nights at £57.60/night. Visit Kudhva to book.


Site Amenities

Although the site is off grid, there are still lush amenities. I for one was very impressed, as I hadn’t expected this.

  • Two showers

  • Three toilets (two regular and one compost)

  • Large communal kitchen (gas powered)

  • Solar power

  • Hot Tub

  • Fire pits


I headed down for a Cornish weekend with three lovely ladies, Sarah, Paige and Marcelina, that I had met at a WMGTs event last year. We stayed in the tree tents during our stay and it was truly a unique experience. It was nothing like I had ever done before, so when the girls suggested it, I jumped at the opportunity; a weekend sleeping suspended amongst the trees, sign me up!!

We arrived late in the evening after a long drive from London, and were greeted by the lovely Louise, owner and creator of Kudhva. She showed us to our tents where we quickly settled before making our first fire, and that in itself is a story!

Have you ever transported a fire from one fire pit to another a five minute walk away? No? Yeah me either, until this night. Safe to say our Kudhva adventure began as soon as we arrived. Turns out it is possible, you just need yourself a sturdy wheelbarrow. With plenty of laughs, slight concern but a lot of fun, we managed to successfully transport the fire up the hill, albeit via a few pot holes and mud puddles. But it was absolute bliss to have a mesmerising fire warming us beside our tents, it definitely truly felt like we were in the wilderness, no sign of city life at all. It also got us to really be in the moment, rather than seeing the world through our screens, digital detoxing commenced!

Note: Obviously don’t try this at home, transporting fire in a wheelbarrow is as crazy as it sounds!


In the morning we woke to the sound of the native wildlife chirping us awake as we were greeted by the sun shining above. Would you want to wake up any other way? I woke up super early on our first morning, and I’d love to say that it was just due to pure excitement, but I didn’t sleep too well on night one. I was freezing for some of the night. But don’t stress, night two was a lot better. Turns out I just needed more layers and a blanket underneath my sleeping bag.

Tip: I’ve said it above, but I’ll say it again, PACK WARM!! Remember to bring a blanket or towel for under your sleeping bag, even if its thin, it will make a world of difference keeping you toasty warm rather than freezing.


Whilst the girls were having a lie in, I went for an early morning wander around the site. Kudhva is definitely more than just your average campsite. Wandering around the site you won’t just come across tree tents, kudhvas or even fellow campers; you can discover the site's very own quarry lake, historic engine house and a natural waterfall. This site truly is something special.


So, what else can I do around Kudhva?

Being located in Northern Cornwall, Kudhva is perfectly located for exploring the coast. Whether you’re up for coastal wanderings or perhaps some adrenaline pumping activities like surfing or coasteering, you won’t have far to look. Oh and don't forget to try a cornish pasty!

Further inland you can find the stunning St Nectan’s Glen, which I well worth a visit. 



If you’re a history fan or simply enjoy exploring castle ruins, don’t miss out on a visit to Tintagel castle.





There is plenty to discover in Northern Cornwall, so why not make it your next holiday destination?

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