Iguazu Falls

May 8, 2017

Don't go chasing Waterfalls ...                                                                                                               


Departing Buenos Aires, we boarded a flight to Puerto Iguazu to explore the natural wonder that is Iguassu Falls. The waterfall sits on the border between Argentina and Brazil and is the largest waterfall system in the world. We arrived on the Argentinian side of the falls for easier accessibility from Buenos Aires with a direct domestic flight. Once we arrived we drove across the border to the Brazilian side of the falls where we were able to get a panoramic view of the incredible waterfall.

We walked along the marked trail along the Iguazu river, encountering some wildlife, mainly coatis. Towards the end of the trail, we had the opportunity to into the base of the falls, which previously had been closed due to damage from flossing a number of years ago. The walkway took us into the base of the Devil’s Throat, where we could feel the sheer power of the waterfalls. We came back completely drenched and temporarily blinded but the view at the end of the walkway was breathtaking.



We spend the next day exploring the Argentinian side of the falls, where we were able to get a whole lot closer to the powerful waterfall. Within the park, we took the railway to the Devil’s throat station, where we then walked along the raised platforms to the heart of the Devil’s Throat itself. We were able to get extremely close to the waterfall, another area which had been closed to the public just a number of years earlier. The view was insane and we could again feel how powerful the waterfall was. You definitely would not want to fall off there.

After we had a wander around we caught the train back to the centre of the park where we then explored the upper circuit of the park. It took us to some of the smaller sections of the waterfall system and gave us different perspectives on the falls themselves. After plenty of walking, it was time for some adrenaline-fueled activities so off to the jetboats we went. We suited up in some very attractive fluorescent orange lifejackets, placed everything in waterproof bags and sat ourselves down for our adventure. The speed boat took us along the river, facing the rapids all the way to the base of the falls. They even took us under some of the smaller falls, where we got absolutely drenched; such good fun!


Once the boat excursion was finished we walked along the lower circuit, which was extremely scenic and provided a rather different view to what we had seen over the past day. Back to the bus we went, and we were off to Brazil for pizza and drinks on our hotel rooftop. The next morning we were off to our final destination … Rio de Janeiro.

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